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Accidental Alchemy

Spicy Paranormal Romance (co-written with Heather Hildenbrand)

I accidentally freed the king of all dragons.

As an intern for the world's only supernatural library, it's my job to make sure nothing inside the books gets out.

Unfortunately, I suck at it.

Blame it on too much pumpkin spice, but one rainy afternoon, I somehow manage to conjure a literal book boyfriend.

Aries is fire. And I mean that in the very real sense of the word. Not just the ripped abs and a jaw that could cut steel, but the fire-breathing, flame-inducing, might-burn-this-freaking-building-to-the-ground kind of heat.

The attraction between us is undeniable. The danger? Even more tangible. Because the king of dragons isn’t the only creature I’ve unleashed.

In the hushed stacks of the library, something stalks.

No story is complete without a villain–and I’ve just met mine.

Unless Aries and I can reverse the damage, there will be no happily ever after. Not for us.

Series spice rating: 🌶️🌶️🌶️

Dragon Unleashed_Ebk.jpg
Dragon Compelled_Ebk.jpg

To Be Revealed

book 2

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