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Blade Of Ice Series

Adult Fantasy Romance

A sheltered princess. The silent head of her guard. An icy world of forbidden desires, treacherous secrets, and mortal danger.


Every second of my life has been leading up to the moment I'm forced into marriage with the king of a neighboring land. It is my duty to secure an alliance, to be seen and not heard, and to birth an heir.


But my heart has always belonged to another.


Fort is everything my family forbids me from wanting.


He's lethal. A blood-stained blade rather than a shield to hide behind. Yet he watches my every move. An unshakable shadow that eliminates threats before they truly exist.


When my world crumbles around me, it's Fort left standing. Together, we must flee the only place I've ever known, so I can survive long enough to unite a now broken realm.


The longer we're together, though, the hotter the flame between us burns. And when we finally give in, I know there's no turning back. 


Even if is my future husband I must beg to aid us in this fight.







In this twisted war for the throne, I have discovered it's my blood that is the prize to be won. And those hunting me will not stop until the final Navalis Royal has fallen.


The Blade of Ice series is best enjoyed in the following order:

Book #1: Rise of a Warrior

Book #2: Fall of an Empire

Book #3: Birth of a Queen

Series spice rating: 🌶️🌶️🌶️

Click here for info on spice ratings

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