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Spicy Paranormal Romance by Jessica Wayne

I've spent the last two years hunting down the coven who stole everything from me.

My mission has been simple.


Until I meet him.

A beta shifter with a body built for distraction.

He claims I'm his mate.

Something that is forbidden thanks to the Accords governing us. 

The last thing I need is more trouble, so I avoid him.

Even as skilled as I am at staying off the radar, though, I can't seem to outrun him.

He wants my heart.

I want blood.

And if the coven discovers just what he means to me, he'll be next on their list.

Series spice rating: 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

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Spicy Paranormal Romance by Jessica Wayne

I'm hunting for answers.

Ever since the night my best friend was murdered in an alley, I've been on the hunt for the monsters responsible.

For years the trail has run cold, but one night an invitation to the most coveted supernatural Ball in the world appears out of nowhere.

The mission is simple. 

Then I see her. 

A shifter...the very kind I was born to hunt and kill.

But there's something about her.

Something that calls to the heart I long thought turned to dust.

Series spice rating: 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

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Dark Fantasy by Jessica Wayne

Only one may wear the crown...

My pride is all I have left.


I lost my sister to a murderer.

My parents to a plague.

My soul to the darkness.

My king to a monster.


And now I must defeat my own brother or watch Faerie burn.

fall of the king ebook.jpg


Dark Fantasy by Jessica Wayne

His legacy is drenched in her blood.
Daxon Ward has never wanted anything to do with the legacy of his bloodline. But when his brother follows in their father's footsteps and joins the realm's greatest protectors, Daxon swallows his hatred, and returns to the one place he swore he'd never set foot in again.

Not long into what should have been a peaceful celebration, though, the academy comes under attack, and Daxon crosses paths with the realms' most notorious assassin, a Sage with the reputation of leaving no survivors.

She's out for blood.
Hell bent on destroying the same man who turned her into a monster, Sienna uses a Guardian ceremony to sneak inside the otherwise impenetrable walls of the academy. Only, it's already under siege.

She may be the only one with the power to save them all, but only if the man she's hunting doesn't find her first.

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