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From two to three

When the hubby and I made the decision to add one last kiddo to our team (and by decided I mean I hounded him for MONTHS until he finally agreed to my master plan of chaos) I had so many expectations for how it was going to be.

-I was expecting it to be hard. I mean, we would be officially outnumbered! And with the countless sleepless nights of feeding, burping, and diaper changes, I knew our days would be over the top stressful.

-I was expecting to be so exhausted I wouldn't be able to function.

-Napping would be out of the question with two other littles running around.

-The c-section was going to be horrible.

-It would be months before I was back behind a keyboard.

Now that were just over a month in I have to say it's been a lot easier than I imagined. I'm still tired, but baby boy is already sleeping for six hour stretches at night (THANK YOU), and isn't overly fussy during the day. Our oldest has actually been quite a bit of help! When the hubby is at work, she holds him while I eat, wash dishes, or just need to give my arms a break.

Napping is still a no go unfortunately, BUT I don't feel as wiped as I thought I would.

The c-section I was so worried about went smoothly and I just got the all clear to return to exercising which I am hoping to start back up next week.

The recovery was much harder this time around, but I am finally out of the pain zone and ready to get back to where I was pre-pregnancy.

Breastfeeding was still a no-go for me this time. With all three kiddos the milk dried up faster than it came in even with heavy pumping and eating all the right foods. It sucks, but at least I can have a glass of wine here and there now. Bright side and all that. If I've learned anything from this it's not to stress about what you can't control. Lactation nurses for my first two made me feel like a TERRIBLE mother for not producing, while the ones I had with little boy told me things happen and a formula fed baby is just as happy as a breastfed one.

Baby boy had a HORRIBLE diaper rash for the first two weeks (he even needed prescription strength antibiotic cream), so once it cleared up I decided to give cloth diapers a try! I have to say going in I thought it was going to be AWFUL, but it's actually much easier than I thought. I use BumGenius all-in-one's, and bought a diaper sprayer for cleaning them off. They do NOT fit under his newborn clothes though, and because he's so tiny they are almost too big for him right now (still no leakage though!).

Going from two to three has been a simple change (so far) and we couldn't imagine life without our three kiddos (even on days when the older two are fighting non-stop and driving me coo-coo bananas).

I'm back to work as of today, and am so excited to bring you guys a brand new adventure in a brand new world!

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