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Saved by a dark fae warrior.

After being kidnapped by a murderous fae who thinks being with me will make him the true king of Faerie, I'm fairly certain my life is over.
Then I land--literally--at the feet of a sculpted warrior whose darkening golden gaze haunts my every moment.
He's gorgeous.
And imprisoned beneath the castle on counts of treason and murder.
Yet, even as I can sense the very real danger he poses, I am unable to help myself.
So, I make a deal.
If I free him, he vows to get me home.
But there is more to this story than I could have possibly imagined.
And before I know it, I end up stuck in the middle of a murderous game of tug-of-war between two fae brothers, fighting over who will be next to sit on the throne.

Fae War Chronicles Omnibus