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Vampire Huntress Chronicles

Spicy Paranormal Romance (slow-burn, enemies to lovers)

I was born to kill monsters. Now I'm sleeping with one.

When a bounty is placed on my head, supernaturals from all over the world come looking for a piece of me--literally.

And they nearly get their way. Would have if he didn't show up.

He's hundreds of years old. My enemy.

I tell myself it's the excess adrenaline running through my veins that heats my blood. That makes my heart pound.

But my gut tells me I'll be getting a lot more from this monster before I put him down.

That is, if he doesn't kill me first.

Series spice rating: 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️


Blood Hunt

book 1


Blood Cure

book 3

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