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Christian Romantic Suspense

A jaded woman. A man guided by his faith. A dangerous stalker ready to destroy them both.

Running from a past full of secrets that could destroy me, all I am looking for is a fresh start, far away from anyone who has ever known me.

But a threatening letter left in my mailbox less than a week after my arrival in this small town, throws me right back into the flames of my past.

After a terrible first impression with the small town's favorite helping hand, an ex-Army Ranger turned private security specialist, I'm fairly certain that I've already burned the one bridge she could cross for help.

Or so I thought.

One frightened phone call to the Sherriff's department brings the handsome hero to my doorstep.

Can we survive what's coming? Or will my fresh start end with one--or both--of us standing on death's doorstep?

Loads of sizzle, NO spice.

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