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Christian Romantic Suspense

A woman with a harrowing past. The hero who never breaks a promise.

I’ve wanted nothing to do with Hope Springs, Maine since the moment I turned eighteen and left. It nearly killed me to leave my grandmother behind, but I’d had no choice.

Secrets spread in small towns, and mine are heavy enough to bury me.

After my grandmother dies, I’m forced to return for the first time in eight years.

Unfortunately, trouble has followed me home.

Elijah Breeth—ex-Army Ranger turned private security—is who my grandmother told me to go to last year when I’d had a stalker. I refused then, wanting nothing to do with anyone in this zip code.

Now I have no other choice than to beg the handsome veteran for help.

The problem is, he hates me just as much as I despise this place.

How can I trust him to keep me alive when we can’t be in the same room for ten seconds without wanting to kill each other?

LOADS of sizzle. NO spice.

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