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A Phoenix Will Rise

As a lot of you know, my favorite characters are those with a brutal backstory. Not because I enjoy causing them pain, but because it shows how far you can come, no matter what you've been through.

Every single person on the planet has their own struggles, the silent battles they wage behind closed doors, and I like to bring light to not just the struggles-- or the strength it takes to get through them-- but the victory.

I want my words to be a reminder that you can come out on top, no matter what shit you've had thrown your way.

Because YOU CAN survive it. YOU MATTER. YOUR LIFE and WORTH are NOT measured by the crap piled against you.

We can all choose to be a Phoenix, and rise from our pasts to emerge beautiful-- scars and all.

Anastasia is a character that I hold close to my heart for many reasons. Even though her childhood was anything but a box of rainbows, she is still kind, caring, and tough as nails. She was the first character I crafted in my head (even though her book was far from the first one I wrote).

I cannot wait for you guys to experience the final installment of her story.

Keep kicking ass ;)


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