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Welcome To Cambrexia...

Welcome to Cambrexia where the weather is hot as shit in the summer, werewolves, and vampires would just as soon eat you for dinner as look at you, and two assassins roam free taking their orders from a magick council who trapped them into service.

Sounds peachy right?

You can venture into this realm for FREE by grabbing The Last Ward!

I am SO excited about this next project! It is so different from anything I've ever written, and has let me explore a completely new world, and bring brand new characters (who have been yelling in my head for a year now) to life.

I hope you guys enjoy meeting Daxon, and I cannot wait to introduce you to the rest of the group in January!

Cambrexian Realm Release Schedule:

January 7th- The Persecuted Sage (book 1)

April 7th- Book 2

July 7th- Book 3

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