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As parents, I feel we've all dealt with those time periods where our kids decide that the only food they want to ingest is either found in the frozen dessert aisle or a blue box. And how freaking frustrating is that?! My oldest has never really been much of a picky eater. That kid will put down broccoli, peas, carrots, spinach, LITERALLY, anything I put on her plate. Especially if it's healthy because she's decided that when she grows up she wants to be Wonder Woman. And well, you can't be tough like Wonder Woman if you don't eat your vegetables!

My youngest though, that little ray of sunshine who is in her three-nager year, has decided that she doesn't like ANYTHING. And I mean anything. Even blue box Mac-N-Cheese is nearly impossible to get her to eat. Why? Because I want her to eat it. I've even tried reverse psychology 'don't you dare eat that!' and well, let's just say it backfired. She won't even eat BREAD. The delicious carb-filled goodness that comes with it unless it's homemade. Which is fine, I'd rather her eat it without all the additives, BUT I don't always have time to make it! So what does she do when I give her delicious PB&J on store-bought bread? She licks the peanut butter and jelly off and leaves the bread. LICKS IT OFF, YOU GUYS. How the heck am I supposed to work with that?

I love my little babies, they are the sunshine in my day, and the spring in my step. But there are definitely trying times when it comes to getting my little to eat her dang food.

This kid can SNIFF out a vegetable from a mile away. Even if it's hidden in something. I've tried making that hidden veggie Mac-N-Cheese and she found me out. I fed her broccoli infused tater tots and she discovered it. I've even played the "Mommy will feed you like when you were a baby" game, and snuck a teeny tiny broccoli floret on the fork BEFORE the blue box dinner and she SPIT IT OUT.

Man, of all the superpowers to have I wish she wouldn't have gotten the ability to sense healthy foods (unless of course, it was to eat them!). This little one doesn't even like PIZZA.

Between writing and marketing, I am at my desk from 5:30 am all the way to 3:00 pm (minus feed my kids in between breaks of course) when I take my workout break. I don't have the time to be a short order cook (who does though right?), so I've started putting a tiny bit of everything on her plate. I put sliced turkey, cheese, chicken nuggets, a little bit of Mac-N-Cheese, applesauce, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I think she might eat, and as of now, it's kind of working. I say kind of because I've basically created an advanced Lunchable (since she will eat those) but each time she tells me she prefers the ones that come in the plastic packages.

One day I will discover the secret to getting her to eat veggies and I will share it with the world.

For now, we'll just keep up with the homemade Lunchables.

I love my little stinkers and their heart-melting cuteness <3


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